Health and Strength calculators

Health and strength

Make instant health test with our health calculators. There are tons of tests and calculations you can do on your own, just using our calculators, knowing your height and weight. I have made a few. But there will be more to come.

Body mass index calculator

BMI – Body mass index calculator that gives you an indication of the relation between weight and height

Bench press max calculator

1RM Bench press max calculator indicates your one-repetition maximum press power.

Calculazy health calculations

Of course, there are many differences between the health calculators at and a professional examination by a medical doctor. I’m not a doctor, and I have not studied medicine for 5-6 years. I can’t see what’s in your blood or in your DNA. But I’m interested in and excited by how much you can measure and calculate on your own, without hospital and doctor involvement, for free.

Most of my calculators require very few resources. Most of the calculators require only a measuring tape or a scale. A few calculators require a watch or a few miles of jogging. When it comes to calories and food (nutrition) you might need to make a few notes about what you have been eating and how much you have been moving your body, so here is a pen and paper handy. A smartphone can replace pen, paper, and stopwatches.

You provide the measurements and I provide the health calculations in the calculators. You put in the values in my fields and then you press the button. The result of the calculation will be presented immediately provided you have filled in the forms correctly.

You can measure how many calories you have burned and how many calories you will burn. You can calculate your body mass to see if you weight too much or too little. The more advanced health calculators require heart resting pulse and the max pulse. There are also some fitness calculators like the Bench press max calculator where you need a bench press.